Jessica (youngsplitterr) wrote in killermusic,

Ima Robot

Found this review when I was cleaning my room today. It was part of a series that I worked on for my high school newspaper senior year. No one else on the staff wanted to include them in our paper, so hopefully now at least one can see the light of day now. I apologize for the lack of a picture for I lack the ability to add one to a livejournal entry. In order to fully understand this band you would have to see them. I mostly reccomend the video for Dynomite.

Artist- Ima Robot
CD- Ima Robot
Label- Virgin
Listen If You Like- Devo, Talking Heads or David Bowie

With their explosive self-titled debut, Ima Robot has produced a collection of songs that take you back to a time when new wave was ever popular. The band has been described as an art project gone wrong. Mainly for the look of lead singer Alex Ebert. Dynomite (the first U. S. single) opend the CD with a burst of energy that continues throughout the record. Other standout tracks include Alive, Dirty Life and 12=3 (Here Come The Doctors).
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