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say my name, bitch

Athlete - Tourist

when i finally decided to ignore my logics one time, i went over to that shelf and picked up a cd, stormed toward the counter and generously spending a part of my student budget on the cd that was called Vehicles & Animals, by Athlete. all this is after having heard samples of the songs from adverts, then only have heard snippets of the album's first few tracks on the store jukebox (don't ask) about half an hour before purchasing. yes, i havent even listened to a single whole song by that group. i mean i did have the internet then too so it was really no excuse.
Anyway, so when i did that, eliminated every obstacle that stood in the way and finally music was being pumped into my ears, i was glad.
"HA! how did you like THAT brain? eh?" part of me said that to another part.
It's instincts, in theory everyone has them. You just know. You just know that this will be a band you'd like no matter what anyone says. You just know that blonde guy by the bar is going to get hurt tonight and he'll like it. You just know this is not where you'll spend for the rest of your life.

If you've listened to Athlete before, this isn't going to disappoint you. This Album, compared to the last, will have most of what you remember from Vehicles & Animals: the accent that is by far not perfect english, the vibe from the tunes which you'd find familiar, but the mood has gotten different. If you're expecting the same cheerful notes from V&A, i'm sorry this is not the album you're looking for.
well it's not all gone, really, the happiness has not all disappeared, there's the tracks Tourist and Yesterday Threw Everything At Me. Ok, it's hardly the same, i know, something seems to be missing.
The Bohemianism.
Shit, Yes! they dont seem to be nonchalant anymore, the whole thing is kinda sour, it's as if they've grown up!
Ok, having to break it down like this we forgot, this is still the Athlete we know, they havnt done anything like Air's 10,000 Hz, nor Moloko's Statue, they havent switch a sub-genre or two, which is fine by me.
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