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Audio Bullys, a duo very often compared to The Streets, mainly because of the similar style and accent of london street music in their rhymes. in truth the only thing they have in similar is the style in vocal presentation; content wise, they're two completely different group. Audio Bullys delivers a smoother approach by using actual singing and more concise lyrics which came out to be more poetic, often about life and relationships, and sometimes fun and fame. musically, they have years of experience in production and DJing before their debut. attitude of live performers mixed with the comfort of bedroom DJs, breakbeat meets techno, they almost forbid the use of live instrument in their music. while their music dwells fine in front of an audience, they're not terribly dance heavy songs and just as brilliant in your bedroom.
Compared to their debut, they've ditched the childish effort in producing a rhyme, which seemed like all they did was shouted and tried to be cool without realising they were performing, which made it where it was good it was really good, but where it was bad it was like your nipples are being twisted (badly, in case you're into it). this time, they've gotten so much better. now, where it was bad it's tolerable, but where it was good it was like being rimmed by a guy who knows what he's doing.

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anyway, a note before i finish:
sorry for not making a sound for so long, i was very flattered when one day i was updating my userinfo and found out i was made maintainer of this community. if you noticed/go there i have a community i started called remix_edit_dub, and that's not exactly lively, so don't hope i can make magic or anyhting. just saying.
anyway, my excuse for not being active is, to be frank, i thought this place was dead, plus there wasn't a lot that caught my attention (that's a lie, but those i noticed belonged to a side of music still too early for me to form an expert opinion). 2005 seems to be a tad boring, actually, more like annoying, with everything on the chart samples old stuff, or artists i like turning to the direction of a popular genre.
also, if you like, i can make some banners for the site. i wanted to put you in my userinfo but you have nothing other than a simple "killermusic". i'm rather gifted with digital arts, or so i'm told, i'm happy to help at area i'm good at. e-mail me at
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Music Videos

Billy Joe looks like a model in "Wake Me Up When September Comes" (which has a really stupid video, by the way) and in all the other new Green Day videos--and we all know that he was a little pudgy when he recorded "Good Riddance"--but check him out in "When I Come Around". They all look so young and mascara-free! Oh man..that's my favorite Green Day video, minus all the Sims characters.

What are your favorite music videos?

(I know this community's kind of dead...and I'm sorry, I don't post much and when I do post it's normally not that meaningful...)
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Weezer, Foo Fighters and Hot Hot Heat Concert

Scott Shriner, ladies and gentlemen. Scott Shriner.

I saw Pat Wilson, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner, and Rivers Cuomo. Like in the flesh. Scott and Pat took turns singing a song (Keep Fishing and Photograph Song 2 by Blur). They have sweet voices, and Brian did the "gimmie gimmies" in Beverly Hills. Rivers Cuomo was dorky, but then again so was David Grohl...they'd flail around on stage, I think even Dumi dances better than them. Foo Fighters played all my favorites (My Hero, Times Like These, Best of You, All My Life) in their first half hour on stage, so I left right after at 10:30. It looked like they were going to play until midnight. David Grohl has a fowl mouth, but he is really funny and rebellious. He even improvized a song about "the Weezers hot cocks", right after admitting the Foo Fighters was responsible for hiring strippers to come on stage during "Buddy Holly". No one knew it was a prank, even though in retrospect, Rivers, Pat, Brian, and Scott did look suprised. They had their backs to the audience at one point, but they kept playing. They didn't miss a beat.

David Grohl was even the "volunteer" from the audience who played the guitar for Undone (The Sweater Song), but I didn't recognize him (I was in Section 111, Row 11, Seat 1). At one point he was playing so hard his black hoodie came down and the crowd in the club section started roaring. People thought his behavior was odd though, 'cause "Billy Bob" played the guitar really well, he was crowding Rivers Cuomo's microphone (Rivers even pushed him away), and at the end of the song he smashed the guitar into pieces. None of it made any sense until now.

I missed part of the opening act, Hot Hot Heat, but the part I did catch was awesome. Steve Bays has such a stage presence. His voice is cute and his curly mop bops around when he sings.

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Great news - though I may be late!
When I went to Warped Tour a few weeks ago, I went over to the Dropkick Murphy's tent and they were telling me about the new GIVE 'EM THE BOOT DVD from Hellcat that is going to be released next week. I've been waiting for something on the Hellcat bands and it's finally here. Its supposed to have lots of live performances by bands like Rancid, Transplants, Horrorpops, Tiger Army, and a lot more. Joe Strummer and Iggy Pop are on it all the Hellcat bands. By far this will be one of the best music DVD release all year!

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I made a soundtrack to my life as a freshman. It's a good way to kill a few hours and remind yourself why you like particular songs.

Following killermusic's motto, do what you want, you can organize your songs in any way you see fit. I grouped mine into the following categories:

1. Freshman Crush (songs you listen to when you like someone but can't bring yourself to do anything about it
2. Study Companions (songs you listen to while studying)
3. I Took It The Wrong Way (songs that egged you to jump off a bridge)
5. To Make Rainy Days Bluer (songs that I listened to in bad weather to make my mood even more rotten)
5. Drown out A-line Noise (iPod music for the noisy bus ride to and from school)
6. Made Me Giddy (for songs that make you feel like you can do anything)
7. Listened To In Shame (songs with lyrics/by artists you're ashamed of listening to)
8. Fuck Everyone (songs you listen to when you hate the world)

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Do you guys think that the names of some bands are just inappropriate?

Did you know the band Kasabian is named after a Marilyn Manson cult member (Linda Kasabian) who served as a getaway driver for a quadruple homicide? So what if her name "sounds cool", I think it's wrong to name a band after her. I don't mind the band or their music, but do you think it dishonors the victims and their families, to name a rock band after a woman who was an accessory to murder?

I was watching A&E on television, and it seems the cult members scribbled lyrics from Beatle's songs with their victims' blood on the walls. No one looks down upon the Beatles, after all, they can't help who listens to their music. But now it's the other way around. The rock band is associating themselves with the murderers. I think it's weird.

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i'm gonna writing a review for the latest album by the Black Mages, a final fantasy/nobuo uematsu tribute band, kinda. all they do is do metal covers of final fantasy songs.
but meanwhile, here's a community i started, hope you dont mind community promos

a community about anything concerning remixed music and the likes.