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Weezer, Foo Fighters and Hot Hot Heat Concert

Scott Shriner, ladies and gentlemen. Scott Shriner.

I saw Pat Wilson, Brian Bell, Scott Shriner, and Rivers Cuomo. Like in the flesh. Scott and Pat took turns singing a song (Keep Fishing and Photograph Song 2 by Blur). They have sweet voices, and Brian did the "gimmie gimmies" in Beverly Hills. Rivers Cuomo was dorky, but then again so was David Grohl...they'd flail around on stage, I think even Dumi dances better than them. Foo Fighters played all my favorites (My Hero, Times Like These, Best of You, All My Life) in their first half hour on stage, so I left right after at 10:30. It looked like they were going to play until midnight. David Grohl has a fowl mouth, but he is really funny and rebellious. He even improvized a song about "the Weezers hot cocks", right after admitting the Foo Fighters was responsible for hiring strippers to come on stage during "Buddy Holly". No one knew it was a prank, even though in retrospect, Rivers, Pat, Brian, and Scott did look suprised. They had their backs to the audience at one point, but they kept playing. They didn't miss a beat.

David Grohl was even the "volunteer" from the audience who played the guitar for Undone (The Sweater Song), but I didn't recognize him (I was in Section 111, Row 11, Seat 1). At one point he was playing so hard his black hoodie came down and the crowd in the club section started roaring. People thought his behavior was odd though, 'cause "Billy Bob" played the guitar really well, he was crowding Rivers Cuomo's microphone (Rivers even pushed him away), and at the end of the song he smashed the guitar into pieces. None of it made any sense until now.

I missed part of the opening act, Hot Hot Heat, but the part I did catch was awesome. Steve Bays has such a stage presence. His voice is cute and his curly mop bops around when he sings.


Scott Shriner, Rivers Cuomo, and Brian Bell play the drums while Pat Wilson
sings "Undone" (The Sweater Song) & "Song 2" (Blur cover song).

It was David Grohl's idea to hire a lady to dance around Rivers Cuomo while he tried to sing "Island in the Sun". He got all nervous, and his voice cracked whenever she rubbed up against him, but he was a good sport about it and gave her a hug after the song.

The Foo Fighters thought it would be fun to play tricks on their last day touring with Weezer.
They hired six male exotic dancers to march on stage during "Buddy Holly".

Brian Bell.


Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters.


Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat.

Steve Bays.
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