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Last month I discovered the Music Videos feature on the iTunes Music Store, and it just blows my mind. I could see music artists AS THEY sing! How novel is that? There’s no way in hell I’m going to sit through one hour of rubbish on MTV or VH1 just to listen to 5 music videos, 4 of which are usually trashy R&B or rap videos. No no, no more 15 second ads on Yahoo! Launch to see a poor resolution video. Ok never mind, Launch has way more videos than iTunes, so I keep coming back to see Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper” (the song isn’t even available for purchase on iTunes). Not to watch the awesomely cool club scenes, just for the killer drumbeat.

Anyway, iTunes helped make and break my perceptions of certain artists, whom, until now, I’ve only judged by their sound. I guess that’s the way it should be, to like a band because they sound good, not because they’re good looking, but image is important. Sadly I look for heroes in my music artists. I look at mannerisms, how the band interacts with each other, and I judge them based on the image they project.

Some of these artists are not on the Music Videos page, but they’re all featured on iTunes.

BECK: You can’t remix a Beck song. It’s like making a remix of a song that’s hodgepodge to begin with, so it doesn’t sound right. How fucking cool is the word hodgepodge? (Sorry for cussing mum. If you are reading this, you should ask yourself “Why am I reading this?” Then come in my room and kick my butt. Love you).

BEN FOLDS: I heard “Brick” and it fell in love with the trumpet (I think it’s the trumpet). I’m not really sure what the lyrics mean, even though they’re rather straightforward. Anyway, I couldn’t find any other Ben Folds songs that I liked. Then iTunes released Ben Fold’s newest single “Bitches ain’t Shit”.

Ben, say it ain’t so?? I thought the man was a reserved performer from white suburbia, but he doesn’t seem to fit the mold anymore. Normally, this would be pretty cool, but the song is just plain gross. His work is now sullied by profanity and nasty lyrics. Ben actually deserves his explicit content rating from the RIAA. Ben, you were a breath of fresh air, but now I don’t know what to think.

BJORK: Freak! I’m never listening to your music, not after you dressed up as a Swan.

BLUE MERLE: When “Every Ship Must Sail Away” came out as a free download, I thought the band rocked. Then I watched “Burning in the Sun”. At first I thought the video was a commercial for Saturn cars. Then the video focuses on Blue Merle, so I brushed off my thoughts about a car being in the center of their video. They can rock, but they don’t look good doing it. Bless their souls. The front man hunches over and bends around too much. It’s weird. I mean I know I look like a tard singing, that’s why I don’t do it when anyone’s around. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still classy, small town musicians with a promising future. I guess I’m still trying to figure out if I like jazz or not. Is Blue Merle even Jazz?? Gosh…

CHRONIC FUTURE: I hate the video, but I like the message. Hate the rap, but I like the chorus.

GOOD CHARLOTTE: The video for “Predictable” is Beetlejuice-esk and I like it. They pull it off better than The Used (which is nonetheless a good band). It like how the animated portions of the video didn’t dominate it, they added interest and weren’t so long that I lost interest.

INTERPOL: The video for “Slow Hands” is pretty funky. It somehow messes with time/motion, so I watched the video repeatedly until I bought the song. “Slow Hands” is one song that is better with the video, because your mind wanders if you listen to the song alone…unlike Stacy’s mom by Fountains of Wayne, which is better without the video. The song “Evil” is not as catchy, and the video is creepy. I believe there’s more good stuff to come from Interpol.

JACK JOHNSON: I wouldn’t have even listened to this artist, only because I’ve never heard of him and his gloomy looking picture wasn’t very promising. It turns out this fella is the mastermind of one of my favorite songs: Flake. Anyway, “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” is a guitar driven, happy song with an entertaining video that plays backwards! Yup, I spent all of Monday and Tuesday watching the video over and over again (it’s an experiment to see if I can wear out the song before I click and buy it), and I think it’s one of my all-time favorite songs and videos.

JESSE MCCARTNEY: I don’t know why I clicked on the video. The boy’s a slut.

KASABIAN: Ok “Club Foot” is a decent song, but the whole undercover Russian (or whatever) deal is odd. Sure I think communists are cute as the next person, but are these folks serious? Sum 41’s militarism is just a loveable front, but is yours? It’s hard to tell since Kasabian’s web page isn’t that informative. Way to disseminate your propaganda, guys.

KINGS OF CONVENIENCE: Hahahha. How could you not look at the guy’s face and NOT watch the video? It’s classified as Rock, but it’s not really rock…it’s more like Samba, even though I don’t really know what I’m talking about. The video was something out of The Royal Tenenbaums or Rushmore, but it was cute.

LE TIGRE: I’ve heard of you. I’ve seen posters of you downtown. I thought you’d be cool, but you suck.

MARS VOLTA, THE: In the song “Widow”, which is overplayed on KWOD by the way, I can’t tell if a female is singing or a male. Lame or super cool, I’m not sure.

Oh yah, Beck, your official website’s so artistic I got a headache searching for links.

RAZORLIGHT: “Golden Touch” is a simple video, but it’s classy in it’s own way. I probably wouldn’t have listened to the song if I it weren’t for the video. D: Horrible, I know. But the band’s pretty cool.

SIMPLE PLAN: The video “Shut Up” isn’t all that bad, and neither is the song, but I have mixed feelings about Simple Plan. In “Welcome to my Life” they seem too much like a boy band trying hard to please legions of teenage fans.

SNOW PATROL: I love this band! So innocent and charming like Fountains of Wayne!!! “Spitting Games” is a simple, yet loveable video. Nothing gets in between you and the musician. Hell, the artists even spin around so you can see them all better.

STERIOGRAM: An interesting mix of rap and rock straight out of New Zealand. The band is admirable enough from the iTunes video, but after looking at band photos from, they’re not as innocent as they seem. Which is okay, honest. I still think “Walkie Talkie Man” is one of the best songs ever, but I don’t think the band can produce another combination rap or rock song that can compare. I hope they prove me wrong.

WHITE STRIPES, THE: I’m not a real big fan of The White Stripes, they’re a little too emo/retro for me, but the song and video for “Hotel Yorba” is endearing. It catches my attention whenever an artist smiles, I mean authentically smiles in a video.

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