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Jason Mraz

MRrrrraz. Acoustic, Folk?, Alternative, Pop, Reggae...

This man is beautiful. Everything from his voice to his lyrics to his wit...well he has his fair share of bad habits and childish notions (and you’ll know what I’m talking about if you read the journal on his official website).

But the melody of his voice backed up by his almost-clumsy guitar work is quite sweet. He has a knack for carrying a tune, writing a jingle, and just...twisting his way around words.

Jason Mraz gathers his inspiration from too many places for me to list here. Obviously the fellow thinks a lot about various things. His songs range from the self-affirmation to not worry his life away [The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)], random random thoughts [Curbside Prophet], and of course, experiences with love (or lack thereof) [You & I Both]. Every song has some humorous element, cultural or autobiographical reference, or some honest, straightforward truth.

Here’s a little biography. Born in Mechanicsville, Virginia on June 23, 1977. Dropped out of college and wandered the streets of Manhattan where he received advice from a psychic in central park (weird, I know...this boy is odd) to "experience youth in whatever way he can, even if it means going against what others say" (or something to that extent). Eventually moved to LA and performed at (the apparently famous :D) Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach where he gained notoriety.

But, why I like him remains an enigma. Sometimes I’m sick of the man. If you ever watched his short interviews on VH1’s I Love the 80s, you'll notice the way he speaks out of the side of his mouth and in a soft spoken whisper, and you'll wonder if he’s just faking it. I mean is that really his personality or is he trying to gain adulation from his legions of giggly teenage girl fans? I guess I have some hero-worshiping, popular-musicians-aren’t-perfect-people issues to sort out.

Mraz says it best in “Too Much Food”: It’s all about the wordplay all about the sound in the tone of my voice.

He has a new album coming out in late August called "Mr. A-Z". I'm counting down the months.
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